What is CloudStation?

CloudStation goes beyond network hard drives and simple storage. Each CloudStation is a personal storage solution designed with you in mind. It is your portal to freely access and share photos, videos, music and much more with anyone, anywhere through the cloud.

To access your content from https://cloudstation.pogoplug.com, log in using your registered email address and password. You will immediately see all of the files stored on your CloudStation and any CloudStation enabled devices you own. You can then share, stream, upload or download to and from your CloudStation from anywhere in the world - no technical expertise or advanced networking knowledge required.

File Sharing

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  • Unlimited file sharing

    Share unlimited files and folders securely with family, friends, coworkers and clients on your local network and across the Web. Share large files like photos and videos with just a simple click; no uploading required. Easily manage folders and set permissions.

  • Slideshows

    Create slideshows directly on htps://cloudstation.pogoplug.com using your favorite photos, videos and music. You can even share the slide shows with others.

  • Social networking integration

    Publish files to social networking Web sites like Twitter, MySpace and Facebook with just a few clicks. Notifications automatically publish on these sites whenever changes are made.

  • Full access sharing

    Create folders on your CloudStation and grant full access sharing so others can upload, download, view and edit files. Share full resolution content with others - even those who do not own a CloudStation.

  • Automatic sharing notifications

    Inform others when changes occur to drives or folders you are sharing. With a simple click, CloudStation will automatically send an email to the people you are sharing with or publish a notification to your social networking sites when you make changes to the shared folders or files.

  • USB backup*

    Add a USB drive for additional capacity or conveniently back up the data on your CloudStation. You can also set up permissions for USB shares in the CloudStation user interface.
    *Supported HDD formats include NTFS and HFS+

Remote Access

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  • Access files remotely

    CloudStation gives you the flexibility to access your content from any Web browser, computer or mobile device.

  • Global search across multiple drives

    With support for multiple CloudStation hard drives on the same account, the CloudStation’s global search feature scans all CloudStation devices tied to the user. Search filters allow users to view all of their photos, videos and music in a single organised view, or to search for a specific file across all enabled CloudStation units.

  • Free mobile application

    Free mobile applications for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ are available for CloudStation. Upload and share files and folders or stream music and movies on your mobile device while on the move or on the go.

  • Free desktop application

    The desktop application for PCs and Mac computers makes all hard drives attached to your CloudStation appear like local drives on your computer. Drag and drop files from your desktop to your CloudStation or your CloudStation to your desktop. Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can always access your CloudStation just like it's a drive on your computer.

  • Organise your music, photos and videos

    CloudStation automatically displays music by album, artist and genre for easy access to all your music. Photos are displayed chronologically, and video previews can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail.

  • Open URL

    Allow others to view and download a file or folder without a CloudStation account. With a simple click, CloudStation will generate an URL that links directly to the file or folder you are sharing. You can then email, text or copy and paste that URL to anyone you’d like.


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  • Stream music, movies, and pictures from anywhere

    Listen to your music using a built in media player, watch video, and browse through your photos from any Web browser, computer or mobile phone.

  • PS3™ and Xbox 360®

    Stream movies, music and photos directly to your PS3 or Xbox 360 gaming system.


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  • PDF and Microsoft Office viewer

    CloudStation will display PDF, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents without any additional software. View all your productivity files on mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and others.

  • Cloud/Mobile printing

    Print from any mobile device, including iPhone and iPad, and to any CloudStation-enabled printer from anywhere in the world.

  • Multiple users

    Allocate storage on your CloudStation to give coworkers, clients or friends space of their own to store and access files without owning a CloudStation of their own.

  • Time Machine® support

    Easily configure your CloudStation with Time Machine®, setting it as a target to back up multiple Mac computers.
    ® Mac OS X Lion is supported.

  • Secure Access

    Designate multiple users who can create their own passwords. CloudStation firmware allows you to add, delete and modify passwords of local users.


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  • Seconds to setup

    CloudStation takes about 60 seconds to set up - no software installation required. Plug CloudStation into your router, go to cloudstation.pogoplug.com and click "activate" to register. It's that simple.

  • User-Friendly Interface

    The easy-to-use CloudStation interface allows you to select your preferred language, change the local hostname and cloud name or shut down/restart the device all from the access anywhere Web UI. (CS-WV and CS-WX models feature restart only).

  • No fees, no limits

    Access, share, download, upload and store as much as you want. When you buy a CloudStation - the service is free. No additional fees ever.

Additional Features

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  • Video transcoding

    CloudStation automatically makes all videos playable across the Web and mobile applications. Both full-length transcodes and 10 second previews are available.

  • HTML 5 support

    Stream media to HTML 5 supported products, like the iPad.

  • Active copy

    Copy photos, videos, music and other files from one folder to another automatically. Any additions or changes made to those designated files and folders will automatically copy to the destination folder you selected.

  • Sleep Schedule

    Conserve energy by creating a sleep schedule to automatically turn CloudStation on and off at predetermined times.

  • System Notifications

    CloudStation notifies users immediately via email when a system error is detected.